Our People

The Hastings Commons vision is much bigger than owning and managing buildings. It’s really about the people - or Commoners - who use, develop and care for the spaces.

Our staff, trustees, tenants and wider users of our spaces make up our community of commoners, alongside members of the Community Land Trust. As Commoners we are a community where it is normal to know your neighbours and contribute personally to the upkeep and ongoing improvements of the area.

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Our Ecosystem of Organisations

Hastings Commons Neighbourhood Ventures is a locally rooted social enterprise developer.

Previously known as White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures, it is the part of Hastings Commons that transforms difficult and derelict buildings into capped-rent homes and workspaces. With a focus on acquisition, financing, renovations, leasing, business management, tenant support and commercial operations, it is one third owned by Hastings Commons Community Land Trust.

Hastings Commons Community Land Trust is owned by our members and led by the community around us. It is the democracy and engagement part of Hastings Commons, working to build a strong organisation ready for the long-term responsibility of holding community assets in perpetuity. Previously known as Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust, it is committed to providing affordable spaces with security of tenure, forever.

Hastings Commons isn’t just about the buildings. It’s about creating positive ways for people to live and work that enable them to thrive.
We design and develop our indoor and outdoor spaces to work hard for the people using them to achieve the highest possible social impact.

Hastings Commons Leisure and Learning is a charity established in 2019 to activate and animate spaces in the Hastings Commons with programmes designed for public benefit, including community capacity building, inclusive leisure, wellbeing and education.

Our Partners, investors and funders

Our community is made up of a wide variety of partners, investors and funders who are all a vital part of the Commons. We work with passionate people and organisations who share our values, and help deliver our pioneering approach to community-led regeneration.

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