Our journey has been supported by a wide variety of partners, investors and funders. We work with passionate people and organisations who share our values, and help deliver our pioneering approach to community-led regeneration.

All our work has been funded with nearly 100 separate grant, loan and investment awards from more than 50 funders totalling almost £20 million, the vast majority of which would not have come to Hastings otherwise.

Our Partners

Jericho Road

Jericho Road Solutions was set up by Jess Steele to help local leaders make better neighbourhoods. In 2014 it partnered with Meanwhile Space as founder investors in White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures, now Hastings Commons Neighbourhood Ventures.

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Meanwhile space

A founder investor in White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures, Meanwhile Space brings temporarily redundant space into productive use.

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Project Art Works

Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and activists who are a National Portfolio Organisation for the Arts Council. They support the Hastings Commons to be as inclusive as possible and are partnering with us to develop artist space at 12 Claremont.

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Our Funders

Thanks to all the rest

We have received nearly 100 separate grant and loan awards since 2014 and would like to thank all those who have funded us on our journey.