Building Updates: The Road to Renovation has begun!

Permission has been given, contractors have been appointed and renovation has finally begun on three Hastings Commons properties: 12 Claremont, Eagle House, and the rooftop of the Observer Building. Through the experienced hands of Hastings Commons, whose unique regeneration approach has been crafted over more than 15 years of local action, these previously neglected buildings are being given new leases of life and purpose, all for community benefit. It has taken many years of action from the Hastings Commons team and the wider community to get to this point, and these renovations represent a pivotal moment for all three buildings.  Continue reading

Community Housing In Hastings

Jess Steele Thoughts: Community Housing in Hastings

The need for community housing in Hastings has never been greater. The time to do it was ‘already by now’. Luckily we’ve been getting on with it, but there’s a lot more at stake. The Hastings Commons community land trust was the result of a series of local meetings back in 2016 asking “is gentrification happening? If so, is it a problem? If so, is there anything we can do about it?”. The answer we came up with was to bring property into community ownership and cap the rents forever at 1/3 of average local income. We now have 12 flats at Living Rents or below, but it’s very far from enough. Continue reading